Related Users
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Related Users

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Related users allow you to associate a Senhasegura user with multiple credential usernames when using the [#USERNAME#] mask in the access group criteria.

For example, imagine a scenario where a user named Alice Woods uses Senhasegura, and her Senhasegura username is awoods. However, within the company, the same user has a credential username of woods for device A and alicewoods for device B.

Usually, using the mask [#USERNAME#] in access groups creates a segregation for credentials that only includes the user's username. By default, this username is awoods. If you use the mask [#USERNAME#] in access groups, only credentials with the username awoods will be displayed.

Using Related user, you can create a relation with different names that can be used by the [#USERNAME#] mask. For example, if you add a related user called alicewoods to the user Alice Woods, the results of the access group will include credentials with awoods (default) and alicewoods (related user).

Follow these steps to create a new related user:

  1. Go to Settings ➔ User Management ➔ Related Users
  2. Click on "+ New"
  3. Select the user you want to create a related user for
  4. Enter the name for the related user
  5. Set Enable to "Yes"
  6. Click Save

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