API logs
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API logs

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In a productive environment, changes are constants and essential to improving the process. However, knowing "why, how, and by who" the changes have been made is needed.

The purpose of these reports is to display information on all changes made to data registered in senhasegura .

In Orbit Config Manager ➔ Logs ➔ API the API logs report will print the following information:

  • ID: is the unique request identifier

  • Client ID: is the application identifier

  • Client: is the application name

  • Authorization ID: is the authorization identifier

  • Authorization: is the Authorization word followed by authorization identifier

  • IP: is the request IP address

  • Resource: is the used resource name

  • Event: is the event type

  • Method: used in the request (GET, POST, DELETE)

  • Status: is the HTTP response code

  • URL: is the method address

  • Error: of the request

  • Time: is the duration of the request

  • Date Time: of the request

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