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Certificate notifications report

The senhasegura administrator can see which notifications were received and sent for each certificate. Access: Certificate Manager ➔ Reports ➔ Certificate Information to access the certificate information.

  • ID: Identifier number;
  • Certification Authority: Name of the Certifying Authority that issued the certificate;
  • Common name: Server name protected by SSL certificate, organization that is part of the certificate;
  • Organization: Name of your organization;
  • Description: A brief description of the certificate;
  • Tags: Used to facilitate filter searches and segregate the service account into access groups;
  • Responsible: User name responsible for the certificate;
  • Notified E-mails: Contains information about which E-mails were notified;
  • Valid until Informs until which date the SSL certificate is valid;
  • Days until expiration: Informs how many days the SSL certificate will expire;
  • Status: Informs the status of the certificate if it is Valid or has Expired;
  • Origin: How the certificate was obtained;
  • Scan origin: This field shows in which Discovery this certificate was discovered and imported;
  • Actions: detail action and action to open the sent emails box, containing all emails and to which emails were sent, filtering by common name and certificate notification, along with the date of creation to the current date.

All notifications will be sent with the common name at the end of the email subject ( - “common name”).

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