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Article Summary

The Cloud IAM is an Identity Access Management solution to manage entities and accesses in Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

With a multi-cloud approach, the Cloud IAM allows you to provision users and service accounts in different CSPs simultaneously.

The administrator of the module can manage the cloud environments in a centralized and controlled way by restricting access and privileges according to the business rules. 

Supported providers

The Cloud IAM supports:

  • Amazon Web Services(AWS) 
  • Azure 
  • Google Cloud Provider(GCP).
Each Cloud Service Provider has its own way of integration. Check the Add account article to learn how to connect senhasegura to your CSPs.

Main features

Here you have a list of the Cloud IAM main features that will help you to manage and control the accesses to your cloud environments:

  • Multi-cloud identity management
  • Provision of users and service accounts at one time
  • SSH keys management in AWS OpsWorks
  • Recorded remote sessions to the cloud consoles
  • JIT access
  • Audit tracking reports

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