A2A - APIs
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A2A - APIs

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This article contains information about what A2A - APIs is, how it works, and its key applications.

What is A2A?

senhasegura's integration API is a fundamental component that enables interaction between the senhasegura platform and external devices and applications. This API empowers the creation, retrieval, update, and removal of sensitive information, including passwords, keys, and privileged data, through a robust web service.
Built on a RESTful architecture, it ensures secure access and data management, with authentication supported by AWS, OAuth v1.0, and OAuth v2.0 protocols.


senhasegura’s integration API’s functionalities include:

RESTful web service: senhasegura's web service operates under a REST architecture, ensuring standardized and efficient communication.

Authentication methods: the API supports AWS, OAuth v1.0, and OAuth v2.0 for robust authentication, guaranteeing secure access to privileged data.

Logging and auditing: every API request triggers detailed logging, recording essential information such as the date, time, source device's IP address, and the client application involved. To uphold data security, sensitive data, such as passwords and keys, remains concealed.

Access control: besides using OAuth authentication, access control also considers the source device's IP address, further enhancing security.

Credential management: client applications can access only the credentials they created or those specifically assigned to them within senhasegura's settings.

Credential types: the API allows for managing various credential types, such as passwords used to access devices like servers or routers and RSA keys for SSH connections. Passwords are subject to automatic rotation following each customer's security policy.

Editable entities: the API provides the capability to edit a range of entities, including credentials, devices, protected information, and proxy sessions, ensuring comprehensive privileged data management.


senhasegura's integration API is applicable in various scenarios:

Credential management: organizations can efficiently manage and update credentials, ensuring secure access to critical devices and resources.

Device management: the API facilitates the administration and maintenance of devices, ensuring they remain accessible only to authorized users.

Security enhancement: it strengthens overall security by enabling strict access controls based on authentication and IP addresses.

Automation: the API can be integrated with automation systems to streamline credential management and access control.

Compliance: extensive logging and auditing features support compliance efforts, allowing organizations to maintain records of privileged data interactions.

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