Certificate Manager
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Certificate Manager

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About the Certificate Manager

The Certificate Manager is a digital certificate management solution designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Its main objectives include centralizing digital certificates and simplifying the management process. With its discovery, monitoring, automation, and integration features, this tool becomes essential for ensuring the security and continuous availability of web services in complex IT environments.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Certificate discovery

The Certificate Manager can perform a comprehensive scan of environments, identifying all scattered certificates. It eliminates the risk of forgetting or losing important certificates, providing greater control and organization.

2. Simple and secure import

After identification, the Certificate Manager allows for easy and secure import of certificates into the platform. This process ensures that certificates are ready for effective management, simplifying the operation.

3. Continuous monitoring

Thanks to continuous monitoring, the component alerts about upcoming expirations or configuration issues that could affect the security and availability of services. The proactive approach enables the implementation of preventive measures.

4. Visibility dashboards

The platform offers dashboards that provide a complete view of the environments where certificates are used. Detailed visibility allows informed decision-making based on clear and concise data, contributing to efficient certificate management.

5. Expiration alerts

The Certificate Manager sends early alerts about certificate expirations, preventing unwanted interruptions in web services. This feature plays a crucial role in maintaining service continuity.

6. Complete certificate lifecycle automation

The product automates and streamlines the entire certificate lifecycle process from renewal to publication. It saves time and reduces human errors, making certificate management more efficient.

7. Integration with Certificate Authorities

The Certificate Manager facilitates integration with leading Certificate Authorities, allowing for secure and efficient certificate requests and issuance. The integrations simplify the certificate acquisition and validation process, making it more accessible and convenient.

8. Publishing to web servers

The ease of publishing certificates to web servers significantly simplifies the implementation of SSL/TLS encryption, thereby enhancing the security of online services. The process ensures the protection of communications and increases user trust in the safety of their data.


The Certificate Manager module operates on the principle that only unique certificates, identified by their fingerprint, are managed by senhasegura.

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