Credential Management
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Credential Management

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Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a cybersecurity solution used to manage and secure privileged accounts in computer systems. Our PAM solution offers a set of comprehensive features to manage the credentials associated with these privileged accounts, such as password generation, vaulting, rotation, and recovery.

Optional features include password rotation for software and service accounts on target devices,
enhancing the system's overall security. Users and automations can interact with these credentials in a secure and controlled environment via a Web console or API.

At senhasegura, our PAM solution is organized between Devices and Credentials:

  • Devices are managed by senhasegura in the form of Servers, Workstations, Network Assets, Web Applications, and more.

  • Credentials refer to the username and password associated with a device. You can use a credential to connect to a device remotely.


Keep in mind that every credential needs to be associated with a device. However, this same credential can then be used in other devices and products on the platform.
This means that the device must be added to the platform before the credential is created. Devices are not necessarily pieces of hardware. Any service that is accessible via a URL and uses one of the protocols supported by senhasegura is also considered a device.

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