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The concept of "devices" refers to the elements managed by a solution. These elements can include a variety of digital and physical assets, such as Servers, Workstations, Network Assets, Web Applications, and more. Managing these devices is essential to maintaining information systems' effective operation and security..

Before registering devices, it's crucial to understand the use of some specific device attributes and where to set them within the senhasegura platform.


For each device, it's possible to perform connectivity tests to ensure they're still working properly. To view the results of the most recent asynchronous connectivity test for each device, look in the Connectivity column in the list of devices. By default, connectivity tests are performed at a 3-minute interval.


In the senhasegura platform, "domains" are used for Microsoft Windows devices. The domain is part of the authentication process in the connection protocols. It means that the domain is used to authenticate and verify a user's or device's identity before allowing access.

Domains also appear in various other contexts, including proxies, password exchanges, certificates, verification sessions, and other actions involving Microsoft credentials. These domains serve as a type of identifier, useful for managing and organizing large groups of users and resources.


In the senhasegura platform, "sites" are used to divide devices by geographic locations, business area separations, or virtual separations. This attribute allows system administrators to segment and organize their devices according to a logic that makes sense for their company.

Sites can be registered at the time of device registration or later through the following path: Grid Menu, indicated by the nine square box, and select Devices > Settings > Sites.

This flexibility when registering sites allows system administrators to keep their devices records up-to-date and organized. It's important to use a business rule to generate this division of sites, so the structuring of devices is aligned with the company's needs and goals.

Final considerations

In summary, understanding the use of domains and sites and how they are defined, is a significant part of device management on the senhasegura platform. These attributes help ensure that devices are authenticated, managed, and organized in a way that supports the efficient and secure operations of the enterprise.

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