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Article summary

In this article, you'll find an overview of Domum Remote Access.


  • User origin management.
  • Specific remote access policies that differ from other PAM users. 
  • Secure authentication via a dedicated link and token validation.
  • Remote access monitoring.
  • JIT (Just In Time) accesses for third-party users.
Domum fully complies with GDPR and other data protection laws and does not store credentials, sessions, or user data.

Domum´s general workflow

The Domum workflow is quite simple and boils down to the administrator user defining and creating privileged remote access policies according to your company's needs. Domum will generate these accesses, which the Administrator can monitor and control. See below an example of the workflow and its respective steps:

Domum´s workflow


  1. The Administrator user defines and configures external accesses.
  2. Domum generates a personal link and sends a token via SMS or e-mail.
  3. The user accesses the link.
  4. The Domum Gateway communicates with the corporate environment.
  5. The user inserts the token received via SMS or e-mail to log in.
  6. The user has authenticated access to the senhasegura where he can perform his operations.
The access flow may change depending on the settings.

Do you still have questions? Reach out to the senhasegura Community.

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