End Of Life
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End Of Life

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End of Life

It is the date on which senhasegura will stop fixing bugs for the correspondent version.

End of Support

It is the date on which senhasegura will no longer offer support for the correspondent version.

End of Life and Support dates


To keep your environment secure, always use the latest senhasegura version.

GO Endpoint Manager
Release date End of Life End of Support
3.27 3.27 Jan/23 Jul/23 Jan/25
3.26 3.25 Oct/22 Apr/23 Oct/24
3.25 3.25 Aug/22 Feb/23 Aug/24
3.24 3.24 Jun/22 Dec/22 Jun/24
3.23 3.23 May/22 Nov/22 May/24
3.22 3.22 Mar/22 Sep/22 Mar/24
3.21 3.21 Feb/22 Aug/22 Feb/24
3.20 3.20 Nov/21 May/22 Nov/23
3.18 3.18 Oct/21 Apr/22 Oct/23
3.16 3.16 Aug/21 Feb/22 Aug/23
3.14 3.14 Jun/21 Dec/21 Jun/23
3.12 3.0.16 Mar/21 Sep/21 Mar/23
3.10 3.0.15 Jan/21 Jul/21 Jan/23
3.8 3.0.15 Nov/20 May/21 Nov/22
3.6 3.0.14 Sep/20 Mar/21 Sep/22
3.4 3.0.12 Aug/20 Feb/21 Aug/22
3.2 3.0.11 Jun/20 Dec/20 Jun/22
3.0 3.0.10 Jan/20 Jul/20 Jan/22
2.6 2 Sep/19 Mar/20 Sep/21

senhasegura does not guarantee Crypto Appliances nor define the EOL since these products are manufactured by another company. It is the responsibility of the manufacturing company to inform about the end of life. Contact our sales team if you need further information.

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