Access Control
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Access Control

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In access control, it is possible to share information between users within an access group. It may also require a justification or approval for the use of shared data, such as:

  • Exclusive group for password sharing
  • Workgroup for document sharing

You are the only one who can manage this information, and only the allowed people will have access to the information. To carry out these processes, it is essential to follow some steps that we will show below.

Create or Edit Access Group

To add a new group, go to MySafe > Access Control > Access Groups

  • Click and + Add access group
  • Fill in the information requested below

Step 1: General

  • Name: the name you want to give the group
  • Description

After entering the information, select next.

Step 2: Members


Select the members of the group, the search being by:

  • Name or Email

After entering the information, select next.

Step 3: Justification

Enable if you want the Justification option mandatory for users before viewing a password, a note, or downloading a file.


This is applied to shared items.

After entering the information, select next.

Step 4: Approval

Enable if you want the Approval option, so members can view a password, note, or download a file after an approver has given permission.

If you enable Approval, the information below can be configured:

  • Approvals required to view: Refers to the number of approvers that must accept a request so that the user can access the information.
  • Disapprovals required to cancel: Refers to the number of approvers who must disapprove for access to user information to be denied.
  • Approval in levels: You can enable approvals in levels, where validation is carried out in stages that starts with the 1st level approver and continues through the next 2nd and 3rd levels.

Select the access group approvers, searching for:

  • Name or Email
  • Define which approver level if level approval is enabled.

After entering the information, select next.

Step 5: Period

Select the options according to the group's needs:

  • The days: members will be able to access shared items
  • Times: Range of hours that members will be able to access shared items
  • Validity period: Defines the period that this access group must exist. After this period, all information shared with this group will be removed

After entering the information, select next.

Step 6: Review

Perform validation of all the information that has been added and click on Save. This File will be visible on the Access Control homepage.

Clone access group

To clone,

  1. Select from the side of the group, you want
  2. Click on the clone option
  3. Click yes to confirm

Disable access group

To deactivate a group,

  1. Click next to the URL, you want to delete
  2. Click on the delete option
  3. Confirm by clicking yes to delete

After click yes the users of the access group lose all the information shared in it!

Request and Approval of Access

Access via justification

When trying to access information managed by someone else, it is necessary to add a justification (if enabled) to have access. Otherwise, the visualization of the data will be denied.

Access via Approval

This feature is used to manage all the people who are using the data.

  1. Click to view the information, a request will be automatically sent to the approvers only when the Approval function is enabled.

  1. Approvers can perform validation through the My Approvals area

  1. Approval can be completed by clicking the ✓ icon, disapproving ✗ icon, or viewing Request Details.

  1. Once the approval is completed, the user can access the shared information.

When more than one pass or fail is defined, the application process will not complete until the defined number is reached.

Access through Approval in levels

When level approvals are configured to be mandatory, all Access by Approval steps must be performed by approvers at each level before the user has access to the information.

My Access Requests

This process can be followed in MySafe ➔ Access Control ➔ My Access Requests:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon of the request with the pending status that you want to track
  2. You will have the list of all approvers and their states if they passed, failed, or not responding

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