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This article contains information about MySafe’s Integrations, including how it works, and its key applications.

What is Integrations?

It’s a system that enables users to access their saved information in MySafe externally. These accesses can be done through third-party applications, via our API, or through other senhasegura applications. Possible actions include data retrieval, authentication, and authorization, and are performed through the Access keys and My apps sections.


The Access keys and My apps functionalities make integration secure and adaptable to various needs, ensuring the centralization of control and efficient management of your integrations within MySafe.


Inside the Integrations menu, you can access the Access keys and My apps sections.

  • In the Access keys section, you obtain precise control over authorizations and perform actions such as:

    • Adding.
    • Viewing.
    • Changing.
    • Cloning.
    • Revoking access keys.
  • In the My apps section, you generate keys to authorize the connection and management of:

    • The senhasegura mobile app.
    • The MySafe extension.

For more information, access the following documents:

MySafe APIs
Access keys
My apps
MySafe extension
senhasegura mobile app

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