Session Management
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Session Management

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In this document, you’ll find all the PAM Core - Session Management information. What it is, how it works, and its main applicability.

What is the Session Management?

It’s a set of functions that help the company organize its employees' access to applications via proxy session.

Proxy functionality

Senhasegura provides proxy technologies for many protocols and applications, giving users some ways to connect. Each gateway has its characteristics, cryptography capacities, divisions, and session persistence.


Each user session is assigned a separate internal PID (Process identifier), running over secure, hardened layers and abstractions using CIS (Critical Security Controls) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) best practices.
It’s impossible to share data between running sessions, even from the same senhasegura user.



Currently, senhasegura doesn’t support the use of any other type of proxy other than the APT proxy for system update packages, and the Fajita proxy. Any other uses ofsenhasegura through some other proxy are not supported.

Proxy user types

The proxy sessions have several functionalities that occur at different moments and are executed by different users.
The user types in a session can be:

  • Operator: the user who requests access and performs tasks on the target device.
  • Approver: the user who participates in the workflow process. It has the decision-making power to determine whether or not the session can be executed.
  • Auditor: the user who observes the sessions that have already occurred, looking for behaviors, commands, or videos.
  • Administrator: the user who configures all session options and functionalities, and decides intervention actions into ongoing sessions.

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