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For senhasegura's SaaS infrastructure, dedicated instances are allocated to each customer. This means that each customer's instance includes its own operating system, database, storage, and web servers.

senhasegura offers a Network Connector that customers can deploy within their infrastructure. This allows the SaaS instance to perform tasks, including remote password changes, serving as a proxy for remote access connections, and integrating with other customer services.

Regarding senhasegura Go Endpoint Manager, all connectivity is established through HTTPS. Therefore, the only requirement is that the managed endpoints have the capability to connect to senhasegura's dedicated SaaS instance.

Data center location and security

senhasegura's SaaS application operates within Google's secure third-party data centers, all holding SOC 2 Type II certification. These data centers feature robust backup power systems, fire suppression mechanisms, and round-the-clock security personnel. Physical intrusion is strictly controlled, with server room access restricted to certified staff.

In line with local regulations and national sovereignty considerations, each client's application is hosted on servers geographically proximate to their location. This approach ensures compliance with local laws like GDPR and guarantees low-latency performance.

Geographical Availability:

  • North America: 4 regions.  
  • LATAM: 2 regions. 
  • Europe: 3 regions 
  • APAC: 5 regions.
All communication between senhasegura and the client's corporate network occurs via the Network Connector, implemented as a container that integrates with the client's network infrastructure.

Available architectures

VPN-less Architecture - Standard

In this model, all connectivity is performed through the Network Connector. The main characteristics of this architecture are:

  • The senhasegura instance isn't publicly accessible.
  • Users can access senhasegura through the client's public IP.
  • The client can allow multiple IPs to access the senhasegura GUI.



VPN Architecture - Optional

Customers have the option to choose an architecture that includes a VPN. In these cases, senhasegura uses Google's VPN service to establish a connection with the customer's environment.

Private SaaS - Architecture VPN

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