Control panel report
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Control panel report

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You’ll find, in the control panel report, information about:


Show filtersIt is identified by the magnifying glass icon. Displays or hides the search fields present on the screen.
UpdateIt is identified by the counterclockwise arrow icon. Refreshes the page.
View actionsIt is identified by the three vertical dots icon. Displays a drop-down menu with possible actions for the reports.
Print reportThe drop-down menu option is identified by the printer icon. Opens a new page for printing the report.
Export CSVThe drop-down menu option is identified by the sheet of paper icon. Download the report.
Schedule reportThe drop-down menu option is identified by the clock icon. Open the form Schedule report.

Search fields

IDFilter or code application ID.
NameFilter the application name in the control panel.
CommandFilter, which command was executed.
W7Filter a Windows 7 version.
W8Filter a Windows 8 version.
W10Filter a Windows 10 version.
Last useFilter what was the date of the last execution of the application.
untilFilter until when the date of the last run of the application.
FilterButton to run the configured filtering process.
ClearButton to clear filled fields and start a new search.

The results are displayed in a list format on the screen, with columns named after the corresponding fields. The list presents some information that is not included in the search fields:

  • Enabled: this field shows if the application is Enabled or Inactive in the workstation.


EventIt shows which events related to the use of the application and actions performed using the application.

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