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Event reporting centralizes records generated by user actions. By accessing this report, you have access to all the filters and the possibility of combining them to identify the events occurring in the workstations.

View sudo usage

This report logs access policy commands that have a recording attached to them.
  1. Access the senhasegura platform.
  2. Navigate to GO Endpoint Manager➔Reports➔Linux➔Sudo usage to view the report of executions with sudo:
  • ID: event identifier number.
  • Hostname: the workstation used.
  • User: the user responsible for the execution.
  • Impersonated: the user targeted for change by the session owner.
  • Command: the command executed on the machine.
  • Start: date and time when the session started.
  • End: date and time when the session ended.
  • Action: you can view the recording of the session.

Impersonation is the action of assuming a profile of another Linux user. In the example below, the user john has impersonated the user ashley

john@Workstation: sudo su
root@Workstation: su ashley

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