Approval workflow
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Approval workflow

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Configure approver lists

  1. Access the senhasegura platform.
  2. Navigate to GO Endpoint Manager➔Settings➔Approvers.
  3. In the upper right corner, select the icon (⁝) Show actions and after, +New.
  4. Select +Approvers.
  5. In the list of users, choose which users will be approvers.
  6. Select Add.
  7. At Level, select from levels 1 to 3.
  8. Save.
The global parameter will be the default approval workflow for all applications not configured in an access list.

Create access lists with approval in levels

  1. Create an access list for any category (GO Endpoint Manager➔Policies➔Windows➔Access lists).
  2. At Workflow, check the option Require approval to elevate applications.
  3. After, check Approval in levels.
  4. Set the number of Approvals required.
  5. Set the number of Disapprovals required to cancel.
The number of approvals required per level does not equal the number of approval levels. You need to define how many approvers at each level will be required to approve the request.

Approvals required, for example:

Required ApprovalsApproval levelNumber of approvers per levelTotal number of approvers

The Access control settings are shared with PAM Core. If you want to allow the users themselves to approve their request, navigate to GO Endpoint Manager➔Settings➔Parameters➔Access Control, and check the option Allow approvers to approve their own request?*. Don’t forget to include the users as approvers inside GO too.

Approve access requests

  1. Access the senhasegura platform.
  2. Go to GO Endpoint Manager➔Reports➔My Approvals.
  3. Click Action.
  4. Choose whether you want to approve the request.

Request access to an app on your GO

  1. Access the desktop of the user's workstation
  2. Launch the Core app.
  3. Choose an application to elevate the privilege.
  4. Right-click and click Execute.
  5. Fill in the Justification.
  6. Click OK.
Approval is performed per workstation and not per user. Only one user needs to request approval to elevate the application, and all users on that same workstation can run the application when approved.

Track access requests

  1. Access the senhasegura platform.
  2. Go to GO Endpoint Manager➔Reports➔My Requests.
  3. Click Action to view the request.

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