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Article summary

GO Endpoint Manager for Windows is composed of the following:

  • A centralized administration module on the senhasegura platform.
  • An agent installed on the user's workstation.

There are three available applications in the custom installation process for the agent:

The option for three applications is only available in version 3.27 (or later). The legacy version only has the GO Endpoint Manager application.


Windows services

  • The LOCAL_SYSTEM user can automatically execute the services.
  • The Microsoft Isolated Storage securely stores sensitive data, following the standards of Microsoft.
  • Data transferred between the senhasegura platform and GO Endpoint Manager for Windows occurs through HTTP connection and API REST. This communication occurs within the GO Endpoint Manager services to prevent capture by logged-in users.  
  • Exchanged messages have additional asynchronous encryption with a random key.

go Service

It's responsible for any interaction that occurs in the system, as:

  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System) service to block applications executed outside of GO Endpoint Manager for Windows.
  • IDS service to block applications that communicate via TCP/IP and UDP to destinations other than the password vault.
  • Possibility of identifying applications that are automatically elevating privilege without the user's knowledge or consent.
  • Processing the license file and machine registration on the server, log synchronization, and folder and file monitoring.
  • Prevention of workstation cloning attempts to misuse GO Endpoint Manager for Windows by a workstation or ghost user.
  • Prevention of horizontal jumping through network sharing or unauthorized binary access to network resources.
  • Interconnection service responsible for synchronizing any GO Endpoint Manager for Windows settings.
  • Interconnection service with Windows Kernel for privilege elevation and session control.
  • Recording program (Recorder).

When you access Task Manager on Windows, check whether the following services are running:
Versions 3.25 and 3.26: IDS Network, IDS Process, License, Proxy Service, Recorder, and Sync Service.
Version 3.27: go Service.

Other integrations

GO Endpoint Manager for Windows integrates with DLLs and drivers that allow it to take action in Windows processes that involve user identification, such as:

  • Login
  • RDP Access
  • UAC Elevation

Configuring the requirement of using an MFA token to increase the security level in privilege elevations is possible.

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