Automatic update
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Automatic update

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You can update the GO Endpoint Manager para Windows version by the senhasegura server. A New version verification is performed every time the workstation application is started.  

Configure automatic update

Step (1/4) — Get the installer

  1. Go to PAM Solution.
  2. Select the agent version compatible with your version of the senhasegura platform.
  3. Download the installer with the new version of GO Endpoint Manager for Windows.

Step (2/4) - Register the installer for an update

  1. Access the senhasegura platform. 
  2. Go to the menu GO Endpoint Manager ➔ Settings ➔ Installers
  3. Click the (⁝) icon and choose the New option. 
  4. Select the official GO Endpoint Manager for Windows MSI file in the Installation File field. 
  5. Click Save.

Step (3/4) - Approve an installer

When you approve an installer, it means you state your awareness of the latest version and the changes, features, and impacts it will bring to your business.

  1. On the senhasegura platform, access the menu GO Endpoint Manager ➔ Settings ➔ Installers
  2. Click the (⁝) icon and choose the Approve Installation option.
Approving a version does not automatically make it available for upgrade. You need to register a schedule to complete the process.
Agent installers report


  • The records also allow you to disapprove a version of GO Endpoint Manager for Windows.
  • A deprecated version will prevent its use if it is already installed on any workstations.
  • After banning, the user will be alerted with the code 2028.
Banning a version will disable it completely. You cannot reverse this action.

Step (4/4) - Register an update

  1. On the senhasegura platform, access the menu GO Endpoint Manager ➔ Reports ➔ Updates.
  2. Click on the (⁝) icon and choose New.
  3. Fill in the fields in the Update registration form.
  4. On the Criteria tab:
    • Define if the update will be mandatory or not.
      • Non-mandatory updates allow the user to decide whether to install the new version.
      • Mandatory updates do not allow the user to use the previously installed version.
      • In mandatory updates, when the user starts the application, it will be automatically updated.
    • Define if there will be an installation date/time limit. This field is only used for mandatory updates.
    • Choose a registered and approved installer.
    • After the update, you must enter a new installation key.
  5.  On the Workstations tab:
    •  Add the workstations you want to register.
    • Click Save.

After creating the schedule, an update alert will appear when the user starts the GO Endpoint Manager application if the version added on the workstation is different from the version on the senhasegura platform.

Update events

To view ongoing update events and senhasegura logs, go to GO Endpoint Manager ➔ Reports ➔ Windows ➔ Events, and select Update in Event.

Update event report


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