DLL blocking
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DLL blocking

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Article summary

GO Endpoint Manager for Windows offers a DLL blocking function, which occurs when an executable attempts to load the process.

Feature availability

✖3.26 and older versions        ✔3.27 and later versions

Register an untrusted DLL

Use DLL blocking with caution. If a system DLL is blocked, system operation may be affected.
  1. Access the senhasegura platform.
  2. Navigate to GO Endpoint Manager ➔ Policies ➔ Windows ➔ Access Lists.
  3. Click on the Actions menu.
  4. Choose the option New general segregation or New segregation for workstation.
  5. Choose the Applications category.
  6. Fill in the following information on the General List screen:
    • Name: define a name to identify the access list.
    • Action: choose Denylist to block a DLL.
      Allowlist restrictions
      Make sure this DLL is not included in any Access List assigned as an Allowlist. The Allowlist is more restrictive, therefore, if this DLL is included in another list as an Allowlist, its execution will be allowed even if it is included in a Denylist.
    • Status: set to Enabled or Disabled.
    • Record session for these applications: set to Enabled or Disabled.
  7. On the tab Applications:
    1. For Criteria and Rule, choose:
      DirectoryThe location of the .dll file.
      File HashEnter the Hash of the file.
    2. Click Add
  8. After adding the criteria and rule, click Save.

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