Introduction Windows
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Introduction Windows

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Article summary

GO Endpoint Manager for Windows is a Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) tool for Microsoft Windows.

Our tool is fully integrated with the broader senhasegura platform to allow end users to run applications that require administrative privileges without actually gaining access to the privileged credential itself. It also performs routine password rotations with no human intervention required. Administrators can group and audit all user activity for better governance and decision-making.

Main features

GO Endpoint Manager for Windows has different features for admin and regular users:

Admin users

  • Create tokens for end-user authentication.
  • Audit all user activity directly from senhasegura's platform.
  • Create approval workflows for Applications, Uninstallers, and Automation.
  • Create Denylists and Allowlists to control access to workstation applications.
  • Manage the video recordings of tasks that require elevated privileges.
  • Access to activity reports.
  • Require justification from users who want to automate, run, or uninstall an application.
  • Creation of automation for end-users.
  • Manage the use of credentials offline.


  • Privilege elevation:
    • automated for apps, passwords remain hidden,
    • on-demand, for tasks already subject to Microsoft's UAC,
    • for tasks related to the Control Panel,
    • in networks’ interfaces,
    • during file sharing,
    • Just-in-time (JIT) access on a Windows device.
  • Run applications with or without privilege elevation.
  • Access shared network directories without viewing credentials.
  • Uninstall applications with or without privilege elevation.
  • Log into workstations using an MFA token or RDP.
  • Provide a justification to run, uninstall or automate an application.
  • Run automation on a browser or device's desktop.
  • View and copy credentials stored in senhasegura's vault.

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