Session recording
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Session recording

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The GO Endpoint Manager agent for Windows allows certain users to be monitored by video during the entire session.

Configure parameters for recording

  • Record session for these application: access the Go Endpoint Manager ➔ Policies ➔ Windows ➔ Access List ➔   ➔ New general segregation.

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  • Enable recording session?: global parameter mentioned in go configuration in GO Endpoint Manager ➔ Settings ➔ Parameters.

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Monitoring happens only when:

  • The global parameter and the access list are active and related to the recording. 
    • Applications that fit into the access list will be recorded, including those outside GO Endpoint Manager.
  • The global parameter is active and without an existing access list.
    • Any execution of GO Endpoint Manager will be recorded.
  • When the user starts a JIT process, all his actions will be audited by video and forwarded to the senhasegura server like a RunAs elevation.

Segregated parameters apply in this scenario.

Recording report

When a user elevates an application, GO Endpoint Manager will record a video while the application is running. As soon as the execution is finished, the video is forwarded to the senhasegura server, making it available for evaluation.

Through the Session Video record action, you can watch the video. However, this functionality will only be available if the Enable session recording parameter is active.

To view a recorded session: 

  1. Access the senhasegura platform. 
  2. Access the menu PAM Core ➔ Access control ➔ Remote sessions. 
  3. In the Proxy field, filter by GO Endpoint Manager.
  4. Click the Action play button to view the recording.

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Videos only appear after the service restarts and finish uploading videos. This process takes 15 minutes.

For administrators

Administrators of this process can check the recordings made in a certain period.

Access the Event Viewer, which makes it possible to monitor the sending of each video. Check the %programdata%\\go\\recordFiles folder to see the video files of the recordings in progress and already finished, as shown in the example below:

image 33.png

Types of recording

1. Any execution:

  • Core applications (execute, control panel, network adapters, uninstall).

2. Just-in-time:

  • The entire session is recorded until the user logs off or until the user cancels just in time.

3. Automation:

  • All automation is carried out in the process.
Actions performed on Network Adapters and credential withdrawal is not recorded.

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