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Certificate error during update

  • When performing the update, and happens to have an error "Could not load certificates":


  • To fix this issue and download the certificates, use the following commands in the following order:
apt-cache search apt-senhasegura-fix-buster
apt-get purge apt-senhasegura-fix-buster
wget https://repo:[email protected]/apt-senhasegura-fix-buster_20191128_all.deb
dpkg -i apt-senhasegura-fix-buster_20191128_all.deb
rm apt-senhasegura-fix-buster_20191128_all.deb

Connection to repository service not available

After executing the senhasegura update, there is a validation check between the senhasegura instance and the update repository.
When the validation fails, you can receive the message:

ERROR - Connection to repository service not available.

This error happens when the senhasegura instance has no connectivity to the senhasegura repository.

Check if there is connectivity between the senhasegura instance and the senhasegura repository.


You can check senhasegura firewall requirements to make sure you have them enabled.

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