API Keys
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API Keys

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Article Summary

This article contains detailed information about the API keys homepage, on MySafe.

To learn how to use the MySafe API, access the MySafe APIs page.

Homepage icons

Show filtersIdentified by the magnifying glass icon, it displays or hides the search fields on the screen.
UpdateIdentified by the counterclockwise arrow icon, it refreshes the page.
View actionsIdentified by the three vertical dots icon, it displays a menu with possible actions for the report.
NewIdentified by the plus sign, it opens the page to create a new authorization.
Batch importIdentified by the arrow icon, it opens the Batch import note page.
Print reportIdentified by the printer icon, it opens a new page for printing the report.
Export CSVIdentified by the paper sheet icon, it downloads the report.
Schedule reportIdentified by the clock icon, it opens the Schedule report form.

Search fields

ApplicationAPI key name.
EncryptedEncryption option for the key. The available options are Yes and No.
Expiration date/untilTime frame during which the key expired. Enter the initial date in the Expiration date field and the final date in the until field.
Creation date/untilTimeframe during which the key was created. Enter the initial date in the Creation date field and the final date in the until field.
FilterButton to filter the results according to your chosen preferences.
ClearButton to clear all the text boxes with the selected filters.

Report field

  • Application
  • Information
  • Authentication method
  • Encrypted
  • Expiration date
  • Creation date
  • Action: in this column, you can find two options:
    • View: identified by the key icon, it opens the window with detailed information about the API key.
    • Three vertical dots: action button to perform additional tasks such as changing, downloading the decryption key, cloning, and revoking the API key.

The report displays 30 lines per page. To move to the next screens, click the forward button at the end of the report.

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