How to configure Zabbix via Orbit CLI
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How to configure Zabbix via Orbit CLI

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Article Summary

This article is a guide on how to configure the Zabbix via Orbit CLI for remote monitoring.


How to configure Zabbix via Orbit CLI

  1. Start an SSH session with the user mt4adm on the remote server.
  2. Run the command sudo orbit zabbix.
sudo orbit zabbix


  • --server: defines the IP addresses of the Zabbix server(s), followed by the ports, separated by commas, for example:,

The default port is 10051.

  • --listen: specifies the IP of the senhasegura server where the Zabbix Agent waits for monitoring requests.
  • --lport: defines the default port (10050) on which the Zabbix Agent will be ready to receive connections from the Zabbix server.
  • --tls: optional parameter to encrypt communication between the Zabbix agent and server. Generates an "identity" and a "pre-shared key" (PSK) for authentication and security.
  1. Type Y to confirm when prompted.

After running the command, you’ll receive the following response:

Zabbix TLS parameters
Identity = BABQUAGCOXknWsRJhvmu
Pre-shared key = 896ee734944dc71ff6f0a6111fb4ec25a8954e3ee0eda07f7ac582952b742eae

  1. Run the command sudo orbit zabbix --show to confirm that the configuration has been applied correctly.
sudo orbit zabbix --show

This command will display detailed information about the Zabbix Orbit configuration. Ensure to review this information to confirm that all settings are correct.

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