How to perform disk management
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How to perform disk management

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Article summary

This article describes the procedure for disk management in a virtual environment using the orbit disk.

orbit disk command

The orbit disk command provides tools for disk management, including virtual disk expansion and obtaining information about their partitions.

orbit disk --help
Usage: orbit disk
Disks management tools
-h, --help: Show context-sensitive help.
--force: Force the command execution, never prompt
--expand: Process of disk expansion
--show: Show disk information

Disk expansion

To expand a virtual disk and consume new allocated spaces in the hypervisor, use the --expand argument.


The disk expansion procedure is very delicate. It is recommended that the instance be in maintenance mode and that a backup and server snapshot have been taken.

orbit disk --expand
The disk expansion process is extremely delicate, be sure to take a snapshot
of the server before performing this procedure.
All previously unallocated disk resources will be distributed across current
Are you sure you want to expand the disk: y
No errors reported

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