Available commands
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Available commands

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The orbit command if executed without any instructions will display its default syntax. Several modules are available for use, and each of these modules will act on different services or integrations of senhasegura.


If you are in a cluster architecture, it is important to know that the actions performed in one instance are not reflected in all other instances. For the commands that can affect the operation of the cluster, it is necessary that you manually execute the commands in each of the instances.


The commands below can restart services essential to the operation of the application, generating a momentary unavailability. Invalid settings can cause irreversible unavailability.

You will always be alerted of the possibility of unavailability and asked if you wish to proceed with the execution of commands.

If you try to run without lifting, you will receive a warning message.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ orbit
This program must be run with root permissions!

With the privilege upgrade you will see the modules available. The same result can be obtained by 'orbit --help'.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ orbit
Usage: orbit <command>

Orbit is the MT4:senhasegura cli created to provide tools for system
configuration and administrative routines.

    --help    Show context-sensitive help.

application          Application settings tools.
api                  A2A settings tools.
network              Network settings tools
domum-gateway        Domum Gateway settings tools
network-connector    senhasegura Network Connector settings tools
hostname             Change the server hostname. Changing the hostname you will need reboot of the server.
dns                  The Domain Name System (DNS) management tools
ntp                  The Network Time Protocol (NTP) management tools
upgrade              Upgrade the system by installing/upgrading packages
backup               Application backup settings
cluster              High Availability and Disaster Recovery settings tools
sync                 Files and application directories synchronize configuration
webssl               Webserver SSL certificates management tools
locale               Language and locale settings
partition            File system partitions management tools
disk                 Disks management tools
zabbix               Zabbix client configuration
proxy                Application access proxy settings
fajita               Fajita access proxy management tools
rdpgate              RDP Gate access proxy management tools
snmp                 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management tools
firewall             System Firewall management tools
shutdown             Power-off or reboot the machine safely.
service              Send commands to the systemd manager
execution            Application execution process tool.
security             System security management tools
version              Print version information and quit
healthcheck          Health Check tools
apt-fix              Reconfigure the senhasegura main repository

Run "orbit <command> --help" for more information on a command.

You can display the help of each module using the syntax orbit <command> –help where <command> should be replaced by the desired module. Example: orbit dns –help.

We will now present module by module with its features and examples.

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