Disk management
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Disk management

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You can expand the disk and get information from your partitions through the orbit disk command

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit disk --help
Usage: orbit disk

Disks management tools

  --help      Show context-sensitive help.

  --expand    Process of disk expansion
  --force     Force the command execution, never prompt

Use the –show argument to view the partitions and file system settings.

Through the argument –expand you can expand the virtual disk to consume new spaces allocated in the hypervisor.


The disc expansion procedure is very delicate. It is recommended that the instance is under maintenance and that the backup and snapshot of the virtual machine have been performed.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit disk --expand

The disk expansion process is extremely delicate, be sure to take a snapshot
 of the server before performing this procedure.

All previously unallocated disk resources will be distributed across current

Are you sure you want to expand the disk: y
No errors reported

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