Running senhasegura services manually
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Running senhasegura services manually

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senhasegura services are responsible to execute the async tasks from all senhasegura modules.

By default, only the primary cluster instance has condition and permission to execute all services. The others cluster members can only execute tasks related to operational modules. Tasks related to back up and master key can only be executed by the primary member.

If you need to manually runs a service to see it behavior or debug, use the following command at the primary instance.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit execution
Usage: orbit execution --code=STRING

Application execution process tool.

  -h, --help             Show context-sensitive help.

  -c, --code=STRING      The Execution Process ID
  -t, --task=STRING      The Execution Task ID
  -o, --option=STRING    The Execution Process extra options
  -v, --verbose          Enable verbose mode
  -d, --debug            Enable debug mode
      --force            Force the command execution, never prompt

The code parameter is the numeric service ID, listed at Settings ➔ Execution process ➔ Processes.

The task parameter can be used only if the target service has a scheduled task into Settings ➔ Services ➔ Robots and tasks ➔ Tasks report.

The verbose and debug flags will increase the procedure output given more details about the operation.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit execution --code 56 --verbose --debug
[2021-01-10 20:55:48 9.34Mb]: Preparing execution. PID 13158
[2021-01-10 20:55:49 9.84Mb]: Starting the change schedule for expired passwords
[2021-01-10 20:55:49 10.17Mb]: Finished
[2021-01-10 20:55:49 10.16Mb]: Finishing PID 13158

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