Web Application SSL Certificate
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Web Application SSL Certificate

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See the details of the certificate being used by the web application and install new certificates.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit webssl --help
Usage: orbit webssl

Webserver SSL certificates management tools

      --help           Show context-sensitive help.

  -c, --cert=STRING    Specifies a file with the certificate
  -k, --key=STRING     Specifies a file with the certificate secret key
      --save           Save files on ssl directory
      --force          Force the command execution, never prompt

Use the orbit webssl -–show command to list the details of the SSL certificate being used by the web application.

Installing a new certificate

To install the certificate, you must transfer the certificate files into the senhasegura server and execute the orbit webssl command with the –-cert arguments to the certificate file and the –-key argument with the certificate key. Take the example.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ orbit webssl  
Are you sure you want to proceed: y
No errors reported

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