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What is a credential?

Credentials are identifying and authentication information that’s used to verify a user's identity and grant access to specific systems, applications, or resources. Credentials are always associated with a device and often comprise information: a unique identifier such as a username, password, or another sort of authentication token such as a passcode.

The proper device registration is a key requirement before assigning a credential. This register includes physical devices, such as servers, routers, or storage devices, as well as services accessible through network addresses, such as applications or cloud services, and compatible with the protocols supported by senhasegura.


Accuracy in registering credentials is critical to ensuring the solution's proper operation, avoiding any conflict between registration data and access data.


  1. About credential reconciliation.
  2. How to set up a credential in senhasegura.
  3. How to configure a reconciliation credential.
  4. How to reconcile a credential.
  5. How to use the "bulk action" feature for credentials.
  6. Reference for credentials.
  7. Credential management reference.

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