Administrative responsibilities
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Administrative responsibilities

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Article Summary

This article outlines the responsibilities of both customers and senhasegura concerning Private SaaS.

Customer responsibilities

Access management

Customers are responsible for controlling access and managing user identities, which includes configuring policies, groups, and permissions. It's crucial for customers to promptly deactivate users who no longer require access to the application.

Network and security

Customers are responsible for configuring the VPN peer and maintaining an active internet connection to access senhasegura. Additionally, they must set up network configurations to enable their users to access the application. Customers are also accountable for maintaining security policies in their environment and designating focal points for communication with the senhasegura Support team.


The initial setup of primary vault entities falls under the customer's responsibility. Customers are also responsible for ensuring connectivity between the vault and target devices. Custom support services can be separately contracted if needed.

senhasegura’s responsibilities


senhasegura takes responsibility for performing snapshots, updates, and restorations in case of unavailability.


senhasegura is tasked with ensuring the overall health of the environment. On the other hand, customers are responsible for monitoring user behavior, auditable events, and adherence to security policies. Customers also have the option to configure SIEM/Syslog for receiving security events.


It's senhasegura's responsibility to have backups of the clients' environments. That's why we take snapshots.

If clients wish to store backups, videos, and application credentials locally, they become entirely responsible for backup security measures, access control, and disk space.

High Availability

senhasegura is responsible for provisioning the environment, conducting restorations, and performing product updates. Availability is guaranteed solely on the senhasegura connection side. End-to-end availability depends on the proper configuration of the VPN peering gateway, firewall rules, and internet connection quality.

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