Import information
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Import information

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To make easy the deployment of senhasegura , in scenarios where multiple information was already managed by other solutions, the administrator can import through worksheets.

  1. On the menu Information ➔ Batch import;

  2. Click the report action menu Import;

  3. On the import screen presented, click the footer button Template file to download the template Excel file;

  4. Fill out the file by obeying the instructions from each field:

    • Name: Required field. It is the name of information that will be used for identification within senhasegura;

    • Information Type: Required field. It is the category within the business rule. If the type typed does not exist, a new type with the value typed will be registered;

    • Owner: Required field. Fill with the username of the user of the senhasgura that will be responsible for information;

    • Service: A description of the service to which information belongs;

    • URL: If the information is of a service hosted on a website, fill in with the access URL;

    • Password: A password that complements the information. This password will be protected and will only be visible for users with permission to access to information;

    • Secret notes: It is a free text field that will be protected by Senhasgura, getting visible only for users with permission to access to information;

    • Expiration date: The date the information will expire. This information will be used to alert users linked so that an action is taken;

    • Notificar users with: Number of days with which users will be notified in advance;

    • Identifier: Information identifier for use in WebService A2A ;

    • Note: General observations;

    • Allowed users: Relationship of usernames, separated by commas, which will have read permission in information. To also assign writing permission, complement the desired username with the suffix :edit;

    • Users for special notification: Users selected to receive special notifications separated by comma (Example: user, admin);

    • Notify users of special notification with: Number of days before expiration for special user notification. Add the number of days for each entered user separated by comma (Example.: 2, 1)..

  5. At the end of the fill, perform the upload the file on the same screen where the template file has been obtained;

  6. Processing will generate a record in the import report so you can track the result of the operation;

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