Review and Certification
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Review and Certification

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Review and Certification have the objective of reviewing if all access groups and users of senhasegura have the correct level of access.

The goal is to ensure that the actions taken on reviews are correct, reversing them when necessary. It consists of a screen with a report that registers all the actions taken on reviews by groups and users. This way, the group in charge of certifying the actions can see information about each review and undo the actions taken, reactivating a user or deactivating an access group, for example.

Access Group Review

The review in PAM Core ➔ Settings ➔ Access ➔ Review and certification is composed of a screen that allows administrators to control all the group's characteristics. The screen is essentially made up of a report responsible for allowing the identification of the access group to which it refers and its review dates. The columns that constitute this report are:

  • ID: ID to identify the group

  • Group Name: Group Name to identify the group

  • Type: Type are responsible for identifying the group

  • Review Date: The Review date is responsible for identifying the date of that review

  • Created by: Shows the creator username

  • Reviewer: The reviewer is responsible for identifying the date of that review

  • Last Review: It is possible to see when was the last time the group was reviewed

  • Review Expiration: This shows the next time the group must be reviewed

  • Enable: The Enable column lets you see whether the group remains active or not

  • Status: The Status column is responsible for giving visibility to the status of that group's review, being "pending review" and "reviewed" the possible options, the first option takes the color red and the second green to help visualization

  • Action: The action button appears whenever the review is pending, so the reviewer can click on it to review   

  •    For user certification, columns are repeated, except: Certification actions are then saved in screen reports, reports that can still be printed and saved for future audit processes


review and certificate


Review Certification

To approve the review, click the check mark icon, type any comments if needed in the description text field and click review.

Every group on its creation will have a pre-configured review time, the system default being 90 days.

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