SAML 2.0
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SAML 2.0

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To integrate senhasegura with SSO services that support SAML 2.0, you will have to set up your SSO service properly.  


The application only supports SAML as a WEB authentication provider.

SAML does not support SSH and RDP connections and, therefore, does not support any access via jumpserver.

We recommend that you request a PEM private key and certificate to enable senhasegura to communicate with the SSO SAML provider using encryption.
To enable SAML as an authentication provider in senhasegura:

  1. Go to Settings ➔ Authentication ➔ Providers.
    authentication providers
  2. Find SAML in the list of supported providers and change its status to Enabled.
  3. Go to Settings ➔ Authentication ➔ Providers ➔ SAML ➔ Providers.
    SAML Providers
  4. Click the Action button (⁝) and select +New.

A new window will pop up where you can add the provider details.

Main Information tab

  • Type: Type of the SAML SSO provider. Use the generic term SAML provider if you cannot find your provider on the list.
  • Entity ID: ID used to identify senhasegura in the SAML provider.
  • SAML provider metadata URL: The URL of the SAML service (role descriptor). This XML file contains interface elements, signing keys or encryption keys, and the SSO protocol endpoints.
  • Redirect URL: senhasegura's URL is used to receive the authentication steps.
  • By default, senhasegura's URL is *https://senhasegura.mycompany/flow/saml/auth/assert/*, where senhasegura.mycompany represents your domain or IP address. Replace it with the domain of the IP address of your senhasegura instance.
  • SSO Login URL (Sign-in URL): URL provided by the SAML SSO provider to senhasegura for login.
  • SSO Logout URL (Sign-out URL): URL provided by the SAML SSO provider to senhasegura for logout.

Security SAML tab

  • Certificate (PEM format):  Insert the certificate information provided by your provider using SAML.

After the setup, senhasegura users will see an option to log in using SAML whenever they load senhasegura's login page. Authentication rules and expiration time are now managed by the SSO SAML provider.

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