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Article Summary

System requirements

This document provides the minimum requirements to run senhasegura's application. Please note that actual requirements may vary depending on usage conditions, such as the number of current sessions running, recordings, and more.

For detailed information, check out our Technical Specifications.

To use senhasegura's solution, you will first need to download one of our virtual machines in order to install and set up the application. You can find senhasegura's virtual machines in our Support Portal:

  1. Go to senhasegura's Support Portal and log in using the credentials you received from your senhasegura’s team.
  2. Go to: Solution ➔ senhasegura Artifacts ➔ senhasegura ➔ Virtual Appliances
  3. This page will bring up a list of available Virtual Appliances. Choose the best one for your system and download it.

Current Virtual Appliances Available

  • OVA
  • VMDK
  • RAW
  • VHD
  • QCOW2


  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
Always use the latest senhasegura Virtual Appliance for new operations.

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