Upgrade notes
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Upgrade notes

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Before executing the senhasegura update, always run a snapshot on your hypervisor and perform the running and restoring backup


If you are using the senhasegura Arbitrator, remove it from the cluster before updating senhasegura. Learn more in our documentation.

Version 3.29

Check out the main changes in this version before updating senhasegura.

Change in the update process

In this version, the senhasegura update process has changed. See now how to update senhasegura to version 3.29, accessing the documentation on how to Update senhasegura, section How to update senhasegura to version 3.29

API Authentication

OAuth 1.0

In this update, we improved the authentication management via OAuth 1.0.

We discontinued the old method of passing authentication parameters through the URL or request body and have adopted sending values exclusively via the header.r. This ensures compliance with the industry standard and greater protection of authentication information.


If you are using this authentication method, it’s ESSENTIAL to update the integrations to send the information in the new format before proceeding with the senhasegura update.

For instructions on how to send the information via header, see our documentation

Basic authentication

Starting from version 3.29, accessing the API will require the use of OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0. Basic authentication will no longer be available.

MySafe private groups

“Access Groups” have been replaced by “Private Groups” in MySafe, providing a more efficient approach to managing permissions and access.

Integration with AD has also been improved, eliminating negative impacts by removing users manually added to groups. This update aims to offer a more intuitive and reliable experience to our customers, improving the administration of access to resources and data in MySafe.

Check MySafe documentation.

Architecture update

The Debian operating system has been updated, providing significant improvements in performance, security and hardware support.

In addition, the core programming language, databases and third-party libraries have been updated with their new features and performance improvements.

To check all the updates and improvements of version 3.29, access our detailed changelog by clicking here.

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