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Article Summary

How to perform the update in Cluster?
Is disaster recovery testing a professional service?
How to perform the update in Cluster?
Does all senhasegura cluster need the same system requirements and storage configuration?
How to configure the Cluster?
How to sync videos and logs between instances?
How to increase the size of senhasegura instance?
How important are senhasegura instances with the same hardware sizing?
How to perform cluster configuration?
How to create cluster configuration?
How to upgrade in a clustered environment?
Disaster Recovery Questions
Does senhasegura support autoscaling?
How to scale the PAM Virtual Appliance?
Does remote backup run only on the primary node?
How does the “Assume as a Primary” process work?
How to mount the cluster in OVA 3.12?
How to remove an IP from Wazuh block even after adding it to Allowlist?
How to add additional members to the cluster?
How to mount a cluster in senhasegura?
What is the parameterization for the Galera Cluster?
Disaster Recovery (DR) Setup
How to perform a DR test?
Connection troubleshooting and testing
Cluster replication health when node cannot be applied
Complete Disaster Procedure
How to resolve when adding new node to vault resulted in system key corrupt incident?

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