NTP servers
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NTP servers

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Configure which NTP servers the instance should consult to keep the time synchronized, through the command orbit ntp. This configuration will be applied immediately.

Changing NTP servers may affect the use of OTP tokens.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit ntp --help
Usage: orbit ntp

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) management tools

      --help                       Show context-sensitive help.

  -s, --servers=SERVERS,...        NTP servers list
  -l, --listen-interface=STRING    NTP listen interface
      --force                      Force the command execution, never prompt

To list the active configuration, just use the –show argument.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit ntp --show
NTP Status

Listen interface eth0

remote       refid           st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
*a.ntp.br    2 u   34  128  377    5.196   -0.647   0.585
+b.ntp.br    2 u    2  128  377   47.750   -3.436   8.249
Tue 09 Jun 2020 04:49:55 PM -03

To configure new servers that will replace the current configuration, use the other arguments as in the example.

mt4adm@vmdf-giskard:~$ sudo orbit ntp  
    --servers=a.ntp.br,b.ntp.br --listen-interface=eth0
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