How to update senhasegura offline
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How to update senhasegura offline

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If you’re using a version prior to 3.29 and wish to update senhasegura to version 3.29 or later, please refer to the article How to update versions prior to 3.29.


If you use Zabbix, it will be necessary to reconfigure it after updating senhasegura to version 3.30 via Orbit Command Line Interface (CLI). For instructions on how to configure Zabbix via Orbit CLI, refer to the article How to configure Zabbix via Orbit CLI.

If your vault isn’t connected to the internet, follow the steps in this guide to update your application offline.


  • Set the correct server time.
  • Take a snapshot before the update.
  • The Arbitrator must be removed from the cluster (only for environments with an Arbitrator).
Application unavailable during update

When senhasegura initiates the update process, it will be unavailable until the activity is complete.

Take a snapshot

Snapshots should be taken only when senhasegura instances are offline. This ensures the ability to revert to a previous version if necessary.

  1. You can shut down a senhasegura instance using the following command:
sudo orbit shutdown
  1. Once the instance is completely shut down, take a snapshot in the hypervisor.
  2. Reboot your senhasegura instance and update the application.

How to update senhasegura offline


Before updating senhasegura, always run a snapshot on your hypervisor and backup using the Orbit CLI.


If you use the senhasegura Arbitrator, remove it from the cluster before updating senhasegura. Learn more in our documentation.

To update senhasegura offline, follow these steps:

  1. In another machine with access to the internet, download the update package to a separate device:
wget https://repo:[email protected]/ --no-check-certificate

  1. Create a folder for the update files inside the /var/update directory. Use the following command:
sudo install -d /var/update -g mt4adm -o mt4adm
  1. Upload the file downloaded in step 1 to senhasegura's server (via scp, for example):
scp -P 59022 <update_file_name>  mt4adm@<IP>:/var/update
  1. Add a "#" symbol to comment every line in resolv.conf to prevent it from trying to connect to the internet during the update:
sudo vim /etc/resolv.conf
  1. Give the user permission to run the update file:
sudo chmod +x <update_file_name>
  1. In our example, we named the update file, so our command is:
sudo chmod +x
  1. Run the package using the following command:
sudo bash <update_file_name>
  1. Type Y to agree with the EULA terms.

  2. After running the update file, return to resolv.conf and remove the '#' symbol from all previously modified lines.

  3. Run the following command to reboot the device:

sudo orbit shutdown --reboot
  1. After the reboot is complete, run the following command and type Y to confirm:
sudo orbit application init
  1. A message in the terminal will indicate that the update was successful. To check the current version, run the following command:
sudo orbit version

Do you still have questions? Reach out to the senhasegura Community.

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