How to activate the senhasegura license
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How to activate the senhasegura license

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This article provides a how-to guide on activating the senhasegura license.


  • Access to the Affinity portal.

The Affinity portal is exclusively intended for senhasegura partners, with access restricted to them.

How to activate the senhasegura license

To activate the senhasegura license, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge).

  2. Enter the senhasegura instance IP into the browser's address bar. This will redirect you to the activation screen.

  3. Once on the activation screen, an activation code will be displayed. Copy this code to proceed.

  4. Open a new browser window and access the Affinity portal.

  5. Use your credentials to log in.

  6. After successful authentication, go to Activation > Activation > Request Activation Code.

  7. Fill in the required fields in the activation form:

    • Hostname or server IP: use the information defined in your senhasegura instance.
    • License: select the desired license.
    • Expiration days *: this field is only valid for Proof of concept Environments and defines the validity of the license.
    • Environment: select between Proof of concept, Production, Contingency, and Acceptance.

The licensing terms for senhasegura are determined by the contractual agreement between the client and MT4 Technology. It's crucial to understand that this license directly impacts the capacity to add users and devices to the application.

  1. Paste the activation code you copied in step 3 into the Request code field.
  2. Select the senhasegura modules that you want to be available in this instance.
  3. Click Generate Activation Key to initiate the generation of a license code.

You’ll receive a detailed summary of the license, including information such as the requester's name, the start date of the license's validity, expiration date, automatic block settings, and the instance's modules, among other details.:::

  1. Copy the license code generated in the Activation code field and paste it into the activation screen of your senhasegura instance.
  2. After entering the license code, click Activate Application.

After entering the activation key, ensure you click the Activate Application button only once. Clicking it accidentally without a valid license filled will result in the application being inactivated, requiring you to repeat the license activation process.

Once you’ve successfully followed these steps, your senhasegura license will be active, and the selected modules will be available for your instance. With the license activated, you can enable and use the senhasegura application.

Do you still have questions? Reach out to the senhasegura Community.

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