Batch import users
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Batch import users

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Article summary

Batch Import is a feature to quickly create a set of users by uploading a spreadsheet.

Important points about importing batches:

  • The import is based on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Imported spreadsheets are trademarks in the system and can be recovered.
  • Users that do not exist will be created on import.
  • Users that are already registered in senhasegura will be updated.
  • The fastest way to undo an import is to correct the spreadsheet and import it again.
  • It is not recommended to import a spreadsheet with more than a thousand items to prevent excessive consume of the server resources.


Download the Excel template file that is available on the import screen:

  1. Access Settings ➔ User management ➔ Batch import.
  2. Click the  icon and select + Import.
  3. Under Add file, click Template file.

How to fill in the template file

To sucessfully accomplish the import, it is necessary to understand what information must be entered in the spreadsheet.


It is important to check if the entities are correct, otherwise, unnecessary user registration may occur.

Populate the worksheet with the following values:

  • Name: enter the user's name.
  • Username: enter a username for login.
  • Password: enter the password.
    If not filled in, the password will not be updated.
  • Department: enter the department in which the user works.
  • E-mail: enter an e-mail for the access link to be sent.
  • Telephone: enter a phone number for the SMS to be sent.
  • Enable: choose YES or NO to inform whether the user is active.
  • Bypass MFA: choose YES or NO to enable bypass multi-factor authentication.
  • Roles: enter the permissions the user can perform.
  • User Group: enter the user group that the collaborator belongs to.

Batch import scenarios

When importing the file, the following scenarios will be considered:

  • Users not registered: the records will be registered with the information in the worksheet.
  • Users already registered: the records will be updated with the information filled in the worksheet

Once completed, return to the home screen and import the spreadsheet.

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