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Audit tracking

Go to Cloud IAM ➔ Events ➔ Audit tracking to view the audit report for Cloud IAM tasks:

  • ID Identification Number

  • Operation Event type (Creation, Updation or Deletion)

  • Entity Entity being altered (Credential, Service account, account or user)

  • Entity name Entity identification name

  • Account Account name which is being used by the event

  • Cloud provider Cloud provider being used by the event

  • User Name of the user who created the event

  • Username Username for authentication on senhasegura

  • IP Ip of the workstation where the action was executed

  • Date/Time Date/time of the creation of the execution

  • Action Allows the user to visualize the details of the event

Tasks executions

Go to Cloud IAM ➔ Events ➔ Tasks executions to view the report of tasks executed:

  • Code: Identifier number

  • ID parent: Parent identifier number

  • Type: It is the type of action performed (creation, deletion, and update) of user accounts, service accounts, and credential

  • Entity type: These are user accounts, service accounts, and credential

  • Priority: What is the type of priority of the action performed, which can be low, medium, or high

  • Status: What status of the task informs if it was successful or if there was an error.


In case of an error, you can click on the action menu to reschedule the task.

  • Start date: When the task started executing

  • End date: When the task finished executing

  • Action: Detail view and a possibility to reschedule the task

Service Accounts

Go to Cloud IAM ➔ Cloud IAM ➔ Service Accounts, click on the action menu to view service account details such as:

  • Last sync

  • View the task for the entity

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