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Article Summary

Use reports to see useful information about your entities in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

You can not perform actions in the reports. They are meant to consult the information about your cloud environments.

AWS reports

To access AWS reports, navigate to Cloud IAM ➔ AWS to consult:

  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Policies

Azure reports

To access Azure reports, navigate to Cloud IAM ➔ Azure to consult:

  • Directories
  • Management groups
  • Subscriptions
  • Resource groups 
  • Resources
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • API permissions
  • Roles by user
  • Roles by service

Google Cloud reports

To access Google Cloud reports, navigate to Cloud IAM ➔ Google Cloud to consult:

  • Organizations
  • Projects
  • Roles


Navigate to Cloud IAM ➔ Dashboards ➔ Cloud IAM to see a centralized visual display of your cloud environments.

The Dashboards inform you:

  • Users registered in this module
  • Accounts registered in this module
  • Credentials registered in this module 
  • Providers registered in the system
  • Access keys registered in this module
  • Users in more than one cloud in the system
  • Users who are in more than one secret of the DSM module
  • Keys in more than one secret of the DSM module
  • Percentage of accounts per provider
  • Percentage of users per provider
  • Percentage of access keys per provider
  • Percentage of users per account
  • Percentage of access keys per account
  • Number of users and access keys created per day

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