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Article summary

This article contains detailed information about MySafe's Audit home screen.

Path to access:

Grid Menu > MySafe > Audit

Homepage icons

Show filtersRepresented by the magnifying glass icon, it displays or hides the search fields on the screen.
UpdateRepresented by the counterclockwise arrow icon, it refreshes the page.
View actionsRepresented by the three vertical dots icon, it displays a menu with possible actions for the report.
Print reportRepresented by the printer icon, it opens a new page for printing the report.
Export CSVRepresented by the paper sheet icon, it downloads the report.
Schedule reportRepresented by the clock icon, it opens the Schedule report screen.

Search fields

NameAudit file name.
TypeAudit file type. The available types are Password, File, Note, API secrets, and Private groups.
EventThe executed event. The available types are New, Change, View, Disabling, Activation, Download and Sharing.
UserThe user who performed the event.
User IPThe IP address of the user who performed the event.
Date/untilThe time frame during which the search was performed.
FilterButton that filters the results according to your chosen preferences.
ClearButton that clears all the selected filters.
Previous logsButton that accesses previous records. It’s only available if you have previous records to access.

Report fields

  • Name.
  • Type.
  • Event.
  • User.
  • User IP.
  • Date.

The report displays 30 lines per page. To move to the next screens, click the forward button at the end of the report.

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