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Article Summary

To install senhasegura, follow the steps inside this section.


Define your architecture

You can check the architecture possibilities and current homologated architectures.

Firewall Rules

Getting started

Once you have defined the architecture and have the firewall rules enabled according to your architecture, you can start the installation.

STEP (1/4) - Choose your appliance type


If you are using a senhasegura Crypto Appliance, you must configure it before the next step.

Configure Crypto Appliance (only if you use it)

  1. Crypto Appliance Firsts steps
  2. Crypto Settings

STEP (2/4) - CLI senhasegura settings

  1. Use the SSH Administrative user for this step
  2. Configure network and hostname

STEP (3/4) - senhasegura settings

  1. Use the Web Administrative user for this step
  2. License Activation and Affinity Portal​
  3. EULA
  4. Server Settings
  5. Backup

Data Replication


If you use a standalone architecture, you can skip the data replication.

STEP (4/4) - Update senhasegura


If you encounter any issues, you can try the following articles:

If you still cannot find your issue, you can send your issue to our community.

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