Publishing plugins
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Publishing plugins

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Currently, senhasegura uses the plugins below to publish certificates. This article only describes the specific configuration fields of each vendor's plugins. For more information, access How to publish a certificate.


Store locationThe location of the saved certificate. There’s a drop-down menu displaying two options: Local Machine (where all users accessing the machine get access to the certificate) or Current User (only the currently logged-in user gets access).
Port for access for WinRMThe commonly used port is TCP 5985. It's crucial to verify your firewalls and other security solutions to ensure this port isn't blocked.
Certstore nameThe directory where the certificate will be installed during publication. There’s a dropdown menu containing the most relevant Windows directories.
Certificate passwordThis password can be any certificate password that's already saved within PAM. This speeds up the configuration process as it selects a credential that's already in the system.
Manual input passwordAlternatively, if there’s no password saved in PAM, but the user wants to preconfigure a password certificate for multiple devices, it’s possible to add one here.
Set passwordIf the Manual input password field isn't enabled by default, this checkbox enables typing the password.
Show passwordThe checkbox that enables viewing the password.

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